PLEASE help me Lord Jesus Christ

You can be certain that Jesus can help you whenever you call to Him in prayer. Hebrews 4:16 discusses the way we may come before God’s throne for help. We are able to do that because we are able to be pardoned in our sins whenever we request sincerely for forgiveness in our sins. Jesus, died for yours and mine sins. Jesus, is also the main one true living God that raised from the dead in the dead which is the reason why we are able to pray to Him for help. He listens to us while he is alive and loves us a lot. Let’s pray to Him let’s focus on help.

The almighty Jesus, the main one true living God. Hear our prayer today for help. I request you to definitely forgive my sins today, to ensure that I’m able to be blameless inside your sight. It is just from your sacrifice of dying on that terrible mix in my sins will be able to come before you decide to now. Change me that’s clean before you decide to. I pray for the energy to intervene into our trouble and settle your differences for the glory along with a testimony of the sophistication. Use us to have an awesome work. I place my trust and hope in your soul today for the assist in my existence using what I’m coping with. Inside your title I request this of your stuff, Jesus, Amen.

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